BUQUI is a store of organic accessories in Shimokitazawa. I produce original body jewelry focusing on silver rings and piercings. There are many designs using natural materials, so it is also rich in earrings that can be relieved if you are concerned about metal allergies. The ring is produced from the catalog to P1 (-4) to 30, or the production order of body piercing is also available.

【Street address】

Tokyo Tanagaya Ward Kitazawa 2-25-8 Oriental Department Store 1F-10



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【business hours】

OPEN: 12: 00
Close: 19:30
(During temporary business hours)

【Traffic access】

Nearest station: Shimokitazawa Station
A 3-minute walk from North Exit, 2 minutes walk from West Exit

About 7 minutes from Shinjuku Station by Odakyu Line Express
About 5 minutes in the head line of the well line from Shibuya Station

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