Antique carving Necklace

The pattern of the man is one of the important patterns of the Haji in the Ryukyu region.
* in some regions, it is also called tezuku.

The carving necklace is very simple to cut natural material and make a pendant and string.You can use this product for people who have allergies.

Maman's interpretation

The God of man threw the earth and stone from the seven colored bridges on the heaven by the order of the Heavenly God and threw the earth and stone into the sea, and stirred it with his spear. Among them, yadorigi was born first, and man and woman were born from this hole. And, by the combination of two people, the descendants of Yaeyama flourished.

* this item is order production.


White butterfly shell is mother shell that can mother pearl.
White is a shaded yellow color with a deep yellow color. The color of the finish varies depending on the same shell.Please note that the difference of the material and the finish will be slightly different.


Production period: 8 to 10 business days
Size (vertical length): about 50 mm
Material: white of Pearl
String color: beige
String: four string

On fasteners

There are three kinds of fasteners. The material is the same for the pendant. Each photograph has different materials, but please forgive me.

Type A - adjustable
Black Butterfly shell button

Adjust the length by moving the round button up and down.
The material of the fastener is the same as the pendant. The photograph is an image for reference.

Type B - adjustable

Adjust the length by making knots on both sides.

Type C - adjustable
White coral button

Since this type is not adjustable, please choose the length of the option from the option. If you would like any length without option, please feel free to contact us.

The material of the fastener is the same as the pendant. The color of the string and the material of the stopper in the photograph are the reference images.Because the shell is not thick, the type C fastener is a little flat.

Please confirm your order

* the price displayed is the price of one pendant.

* Please note that there are some differences in color, size and shape for natural materials and handmade.

Please note that this item cannot be specified for delivery after shipment.

The photograph is an image photograph.

Regarding delivery

【Takkyubin (domestic)】

Nationwide uniform 550 yen (tax included)

Handling company: Yamato Transport

Free shipping domestic shipping over 5,000 yen purchase price

[Takkyubin (outside the country)]

Overseas shipping 1100 yen (tax included)

Handling company: EMS / EMS packet

About payment method

【Credit card payment】

Visa (Visa), Masters, Jacevy (JCB), Diner's Club (Diners Club), American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay (Google Pay), Shop Pay (Shop Pay)

[Cash on delivery (domestic sales only)]

Cash on delivery fee free

[Convenience store settlement (domestic sales only)]

Convenience store settail fee free

Family Mart, Lawson, Mini Stop, Daily Yamazaki, Seicomart

【Smartphone set】

PayPay payment

【Bank transfer】

PayPay Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Please pay within one week from the following day.

About returned goods

[Defective product]

We will exchange or refund it with good products after receiving cash on delivery.

[Return time limit]

Within a product other than piercing, within a week after arrival. If the piercing is recognized as being opened, it is not possible to return from hygiene considerations.

【Charge of return】

Shipping costs will be borne by our shop only if our shop is not recognized.

Notice of business day


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