Pearl Shell Small Spiral Pendant

Spiral means a new beginning, and is a symbol that represents hope and growth.

Carving necklace is a very simple thing to scrape natural material and make a pendant and attach a string.Since no metal is used, it can be used safely for those who have allergies.

※ This product is an order for order.


About materials]

The material uses thick pearl shellfish.

Pearl shellfish has black butterfly shellfish and white butterfly, but both shells and thick parts become almost whitening, so it will be used without distinguishing this pendant.
The difference may be "yellow" if it is a white butterfly shell, and if it is black butterfly shell, "thin brown" may remain.

【Product Details】

Production period: 8 to 10 business days (from the order date the next day)
Size (vertical): about 25 mm
Material: Mother of Pearl (MOTHER OF PEARL)
String color: black
Strap: Wax Code
Length: Adjustable

【About Wax Code】

New Zealand is a wax code widely used in Maori's carving pendant.Since the line is thin, small pendants are well compatible and the top of the pendant will be further enhanced.It is a durable wax cord with water or durable.

NZ Wax Code-Adjustable
Connect (adjustable)

Adjust the length by creating a knot on both sides. Please be assured that it is devised so that the knot can not be solved.

【Please check before ordering】

※ The selling price displayed is 1 pendant price.

※ Please note that color mixes and sizes will occur because of natural material & handmade.

Please note that this product can not specify the delivery date for shipping after production.

Photos are image photos.
About delivery / shipping

Courier service

Nationwide uniform 550 yen (tax included)

From overseas shipment 1100 yen (tax included)

Free shipping domestic shipping at 5,000 yen purchase price

Handling company: Yamato Transport


About payment method


Credit card payment

Visa (Visa), Masters, Jacevy (JCB), Diner's Club (Diners Club), American Express (American Express)


Cash on delivery

Cash on delivery fee 300 yen (420 yen for more than 30000 yen)


Convenience store settlement

Convenience store settlement fee 200 yen


Bank transfer

PayPay Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Please pay within one week from the following day.


About returned goods

Defective product

We will exchange or refund it with good products after receiving cash on delivery.


Return deadline

Within a product other than piercing, within a week after arrival. If the piercing is recognized as being opened, it is not possible to return from hygiene considerations.


Return shipping fee

Shipping costs will be borne by our shop only if our shop is not recognized.



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